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Fast and efficient printer

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KyoSpeed 2 - Features

- Compact and noiseless
- Print speed until 50 mm per second
- High resolution
- Uses high grade thermal paper 
for long lasting receipts
- Automatic paper load, avoid paper jams
- Compatible PC and major POS terminals
- Maintenance free
- Highly reliable

Communication ports (depending on version)

RS232, USB, Bluetooth.

Power supplies

- Standard
Power adapter  (Europe, USA, UK, …). For sedentary use (Offices, laboratories, …).

- Multitension
From 12 to 32V DC. For embedded material (trucks, boats,  …).

Customized delivery

All Kyosha printers can be delivered with dedicated software and specific cables.


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Manual : KyoSpeed 2 XT

Brochure : KyoSpeed 2


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